Cera Gift Store

CERA has a brand new gift store where you can buy truly unique gifts for all your horsey friends and help our horses at the same time. All proceeds from the sales of these products go directly to CERA. We would like to thank Equestrian Images for making their wonderful images of our horses available as gifts. The store is still in development, many more items being added soon! Dwain is not only a world class equine photographer, but also has a big heart for all animals. He loves to communicate to them via touch and enjoys having conversations with our horses. Dwain is originally from Detroit, Michigan, with strong Native American roots (Shawnee). Both, Dwain and Daniela are known to produce visually stunning imagery that shows the beauty and spirit of all living beings. Their images have been published around the world. Their photo classes at our farm are very popular, please check out the COMMUNITY OUTREACH page for more information and visit the Snyders' website, www.EquestrianImages.us