Our Story

CERA  Founder & Executive Director, Darlene Kindle didn't set out to have a large number of horses, but these horses needed her. Rescued from abuse and neglect, or lately simply unwitting victims of the economy, these horses found their way to Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance. 

Established in April of 2008, Darlene created a rescue organization that not only worked with local law enforcement and countless other rescue organizations in seizures and surrenders, but one that could help educate owners on how to properly care for their animals and hopefully avoid unlawful neglect. Darlene also wanted to be able to take in horses that were at risk due to hardship of their owners, almost eerily forecasting the current state of our economy and the rapidly increasing number of abandoned pets. It was important to Darlene for all the monies donated to remain in Union County, thus helping horses locally, unlike many other rescues.

Together with John, partner of many years, Darlene has cared for and rehabilitated many horses over the years. Caring for all the horses is time-consuming and costly. That is why donations and volunteers are always highly valued at CERA. "Each horse has its own story, its own personality, likes and dislikes. Volunteers are always appreciated at the farm and many of the tasks do not require extensive horse handling skills." CERA's Board of Directors currently has five members: Cindy Grano, Dr. Robin Smith DVM, Janie Smith, Phil Pike and Kim Angeli. Daniela Snyder serves as Fundraising Event Coordinator and website administrator.

In order to preserve many precious memories, Darlene has begun to collect a number of stories. Some will make you smile, some will make you cry. Some will make you angry; but many will reinforce your belief that there is no greater love like the unconditional love offered by a rescued animal. So sit back, grab a box of Kleenex and visit Darlene's "
Stories from the Heart."